Handmade resin-cast die! This listing is for a single d20 with liquid and glitters inside. This d20 features glitters which swirl around inside as the die moves and rolls. Green glitters with black bat glitters inside
WARNING: this die contains liquid inside which will freeze and expand in temperatures below freezing. Do not leave in the cold! 

All dice are handmade! This means that each individual die is uniquely poured, carved, sanded, and painted by hand. Each die is filled with love and individuality. Handmade dice aren’t for everyone; many people prefer the perfection of machine-made plastic-injected dice. If you are unsatisfied with your dice, please contact me for an exchange or refund. Customer satisfaction is my priority! Shipping within the United States of America is a flat rate of ($6). Add additional items to your order for free! The rate will still be only ($6)! Shipping cost includes handling, packing (with bubble wrap for protection), and the shipping label (which includes a tracking number for your convenience). International shipping costs are more expensive; rates vary based on the country of destination.

Green w/Bats- Glitter Shaker d20 - Single d20